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Current Edition: Compliance between Adaption and Advance

This year’s Spring edition under the title Compliance between Adaption and Advance is online by now.


Compliance organization and compliance function meet challenges. Thus, the qualification profile ought to be improved without res-pite to meet the high demands. Influencing factors are mainly caused by transformation processes both within companies and in political and legal innovations. Nothing is as constant as change.

We consider this issue as a stimulus to reconsider Com­pliance to make it possible to strike out new directions. In a nutshell » Michele DeStefano (Content Curator) engages with experts from compliance practice, including  » Markus Endres (Advisory Board CEJ) on the question: What role can and should compliance play – despite of legal matters – in a digital transformation process?

Due to this our authors analyze the “Monaco Memo” and its significance for antitrust investigation in the USA and explore the topic of sanctions compliance. In addition, our authors from Austria and Liechtenstein describe the how to implement an effective compliance management system as part of corporate governance whilst regarding the Compliance Officer’s duty to monitor.

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